Usama Saad (Cairo, 1963)

Illustrator and engraver

Since 1995 Usama Saad has studied with Ernesto Nino Palleschi, professor of engraving at the Academy of Pisa. Usama is currently an active member of the Print Center of New York and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha (Alqatar). Since 2010 he has been working with the Centro Sperimentale d’Incisione [Experimental Centre of Engraving] Stamperia del Tevere.

Creation of the logo for the project ’Le due lune’ (The Two Moons), of the University of Naples, IULM Milano and World Youth Orchestra (Expo 2020 Dubai)

Taking from his country of origin, Egypt, aniconic elements, Koranic writings, decorative taste, and assuming from the Western language the value of form, Usama has created an iconography characterized by a very personal aesthetic approach. Fantastic human figures and animals, mysterious idols and esoteric symbols thus create a language close to the alchemical and surrealist one.

Usama Saad, Roma, Incisione